Prof. Dr. Carlos Pérez-Albacete Martínez PhD

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Departamento: Cirugía e Implantología
Nº Colegiado 30001170



  • Profesor del Máster de Implantología, Periodoncia, Regeneración Ósea y Tisular y Prótesis Implantosoportada.

  • Doctor en Doctor en Odontología

  • Licenciado en Odontología

  • Postgrado en Implantología

  • Postgrado en Prostodoncia y oclusión

  • Postgrado en Protección y experimentación animal. Categoría B y C.



  • Cirugía Bucal Básica

  • Cirugía Bucal Avanzada e Implantología


  • SEM-EDX Study of the Degradation Process of Two Xenograft Materials Used in Sinus Lift Procedures.

  • Bone neoformation of a novel porous reservable Si-Ca-P-based ceramic with osteoconductive properties: physical and mechanical characterization, histological and histomorphometric study.

  • Influence of hydroxyapatite granule size, porosity, and crystallinity on tissue reaction in vivo. Part A: synthesis, characterization of the materials, and SEM analysis.

  • Peri-implant tissue behavior around non-titanium material: Experimental study in dogs.

  • The influence of drill length and irrigation system on heat production during osteotomy preparation for dental implants: an ex vivo study.

  • The influence of three different apical implant designs at stability and osseointegration process: experimental study in rabbits.

  • Peri-implant bone loss clinical and radiographic evaluation around rough neck and microthread implants: a 5-year study.

  • Evaluation of extrashort 4-mm implants in mandibular edentulous patients with reduced bone height in comparison with standard implants: a 12-month results.

  • Submerged flapless technique vs. conventional flap approach for implant placement: experimental domestic pig study with 12-month follow-up.

  • Evaluation of the insertion torque, implant stability quotient and drilled hole quality for different drill design: an in vitro Investigation.

  • Temperature and time variations during osteotomies performed with different piezosurgical devices: an in vitro study.

  • Narrow-versus mini-implants at crestal and subcrestal bone levels. Experimental study in beagle dogs at three months.

  • Effects of melatonin on adult human mesenchymal stem cells in osteoblastic differentiation. An experimental in vitro study.