Prof. Dr. José Luis Calvo Guirado

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Departamento: Cirugía e Implantología
Nº Colegiado 30000357



  • Catedrático en Odontología.

  • Doctor en Odontología.

  • Doctor en Bioingeniería de Biomateriales.

  • Licenciado en Odontología.


  • Cirugía Bucal Básica.

  • Cirugía Bucal Avanzada e Implantología.



  • Clinical and Histological changes after ridge preservation with two xenografts: preliminary results from a multicentre randomized controlled clinical trial.

  • Dental implant surgery in patients in treatment by dabigatran.

  • In-Vivo Behavior Of Si-Hydroxyapatite/Polycaprolactone/Dmb Scaffolds Fabricated By 3d Printing.

  • Ionized Ti surfaces increase cell adhesion properties of mesenchymal stem cells.

  • Maxillary Sinus Augmentation Using Prehydrated Corticocancellous Porcine Bone: Hystomorphometric Evaluation After 6 Months.

  • Tilted Implants For The Restoration Of Posterior Mandibles With Horizontal Atrophy: An Alternative Treatment.

  • A comparative evaluation between aluminium and titanium dioxide microparticles for blasting the surface titanium dental implants: an experimental study in rabbits.

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